Remove Iron, Sulfur, Manganese From Your Water With The Hydrogen Peroxide Well Water Filtration System

Hydrogen Peroxide Properties

Hydrogen peroxide disinfects through oxidation by splitting into oxygen and water. Its chemical makeup  provides advantages over chlorine as a well water disinfectant.  Hydrogen peroxide is best for removing the sulfur, bacteria and iron odors. In the case of well water treatment, there is often bacteria that cannot be eliminated by chlorine.  Hydrogen peroxide is as effective as chlorine as disinfecting agent.


Hydrogen Sulfide
Sulfur odors

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  • Hydrogen peroxide systems are the best choice for removing high levels of sulfer oder, which can cause a smell similar to rotten eggs.  Hydrogen peroxide leaves leaves no chemical residues, rather it decomposes into oxygen and water.
  • Although slightly more expensive then coloring bleach (which is either calcium hypochlorite or sodium hypochlorite), peroxide does not leave chemical residues, salts or metals.
  • Removing orders from water such as manganese, iron and bacteria require a powerful and effective oxidizing agent, Hydrogen peroxide (“H2O2”), which leaves behind  NO salts, metals or chemical residue.
  • A powerful oxidizing effect occurs when peroxide is added to water and causes a large amount of dissolved oxygen to be released.
  • For many applications the hydrogen peroxide is effectively removed by the catalytic carbon media without the need for a contact tank

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