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Drinking Water Filtration

The average American spends about $100 per person each year on bottled water, and for anyone living in a larger household, this can easily add up to more. If you’re tired of spending hundreds on bottled water and you’re ready to drink better water from your tap, then this blog is for you! Here’s everything you need to know about drinking water filtration and how you can get your own.

Why switch from buying bottled water?


Fact: There are more reasons to switch from bottled water to drinking water filtration than there are to keep buying it.

If you’ve been buying bottled water for as long as you can remember, it’s probably part of your routine, and you’re thinking, why change now? But there are so many good reasons. For one, your tap water is already being supplied to your house and it’s significantly cheaper. This means that – as long as you’re removing all the contaminants – there’s no reason not to utilize tap water over bottled water. You can easily get a reusable water bottle for on-the-go and utilize cups and glasses while you’re home.

Another amazing reason to switch to filtered drinking water is because of the impact it has on the environment. Every single day, more than 60 million plastic water bottles end up in landfills and incinerators. That’s approximately 22 billion each year. You can play a huge role in that by eliminating water bottles for your entire household. For most people reading this, that’s multiple people contributing to that positive change! It takes everyone to help curb climate change.

The reason is why wouldn’t you switch? Using plastic water bottles is convenient, but your at-home tap will be just as convenient as soon as you install drinking water filtration and stop buying bottled water. Bottled water is only convenient now because you’ve been doing it. Once you take the plunge and install a great filter, you won’t ever look back! You can filter your water, use a reusable bottle, and say goodbye to that extra addition on your grocery store bill!

What contaminants am I really at risk for?


This is another common question for all the “tough” men and women out there who think tap water won’t affect them. They want to know if they’re really at risk for any contaminants in their water. “After all, aren’t there legal limits set by the government for certain contaminants? Won’t that help protect me from anything really serious? I don’t need anything really fancy.”

The real deal is that some of the legal limits are too low. For example, with iron, the legal limit is set at 0.3 ppm, which is the point at which you can see and taste it. But you can have negative health effects at this point or even at lower quantities, which means you don’t want to wait until you’re seeing it to take action. You want to filter it out before it even enters your body.

Great water filtration systems can remove all of these contaminants and more:

  • Lead
  • Mercury
  • Trihalomethanes
  • Nitrates
  • Sodium
  • Arsenic
  • PCBs
  • VOCs
  • Fluoride
  • Harmful chemicals
  • Chlorine
  • Total dissolved solids
  • Particulate
  • Unappealing odors and tastes

Why is removal important?


Just in case you’re still not convinced, let’s break down how these contaminants can impact your health even further.

Minerals: While minerals aren’t typically dangerous to your health (unless there’s a prolonged overexposure), they can drastically impact the taste and smell of your drinking water. This can be unpleasant in a variety of ways – especially when cooking.

Pathogens: Filtering water is a great way to keep harmful bacteria and parasites from the water you consume. Ingesting pathogens can often lead to foodborne illness or diarrhea (neither of which are very fun!).

Chlorine: This could be an issue that your municipality itself is causing. Most water utility companies will use chlorine to treat drinking because it’s inexpensive and effective. However, while it’s a good disinfectant, it can also cause an unpleasant taste and smell. A filter can help remove this, so you don’t feel like you’re drinking pool water.

Lead: Lead is one of the contaminants above that is toxic when ingested, so it should absolutely be removed before drinking. If you have a well, be sure to test your well water at least once a year for lead contaminants.

Chemicals: Chemicals can contaminate your water from a variety of sources. For example, modern pesticides dissolve in water and can impact the health of your water supply. Removing pesticides from drinking water is important to prevent anyone in your household from getting sick.

Which water filtration is right for me?


Finally, convinced to stop buying bottled water? You can drink better water from your tap as long as you have the right filtration system. The RO Drinking Water System With Quick Change Cartridges helps to remove all of the contaminants listed above through a six-stage reverse osmosis system. This six-step process includes…

  • Step 1: Pre-filtration for sediment, silt, rust particles, and other particulates
  • Step 2: Pre-filtration for chlorine, chemicals, tastes, and odors
  • Step 3: RO membrane filtration to remove harmful contaminants in solution
  • Step 4: Water flows to the storage tank
  • Step 5: When water is needed, water flows from the storage tank to the post-carbon cartridge for final polishing
  • Step 6: You receive great tasting, processed water from your dedicated water filtration faucet

One of the best parts of this filtration system is that no service calls are needed! You can change out your own cartridges and membranes to maintain your system. It’s a truly easy way to stop buying bottled water.

Final thoughts On Revere Osmosis Drinking Water Systems


Drinking better water from your tap is easy with Mr. Clean Water. The RO Drinking Water System has a six-step system that eliminates any contaminants that could cause you to worry or make you sick. You may love your bottled water now, but you’ll have better health, better taste, and a better budget without them. A one-time installation leads to a lifetime of drinking water! Visit here for more information.

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